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How to streamline your content management

Author: Liam Springate-Jones
Date: 28/02/23

How to streamline your content management

Content management systems are essential for producing and publishing content at scale, and they allow multiple people to have access to the website at the same time – which allows for easy collaboration. Content management helps organisations build and manage their websites over time.

However, for maximum efficiency, businesses should be streamlining their content management efforts. This allows for greater results while saving time and allowing users to create high-quality content without any code. Here are four ways to streamline your content creation and management.

Create guidelines for content creation: Content guidelines are the rules people should follow when creating content for your business. This could include tone of voice, stylistic preferences, and the target audience. Having clear guidelines in place helps an organisation stay consistent and it reduces the chance of revisions, which can make the whole process much more efficient.

Content scheduling: Planning and scheduling your content ahead of time allows for a continuous stream of content that will keep your business top of mind in the eyes of customers. Scheduling posts in advance is an important part of streamlining the content creation process, as it makes your company’s marketing organised which can maximise engagement.

Review your strategy: Streamlining your content management also includes tracking and analysing the results to identify trends and areas of improvement. It’s important to make reviewing and using analytics a regular part of your content management process. It will also help you assess which content types are the most popular, allowing you to set goals and prioritise the best channels for driving traffic and engagement.

Content calendar: When you’re managing large volumes of content, the best way to stay organised and streamline the process is by creating a calendar. It serves as a framework for what your business plans to create and promote, and it can also help with brainstorming, as well as assigning writers to different pieces of content. Using a content calendar allows you to organise your ideas and content production more effectively, which in turn, will create a much more satisfying experience for customers.

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