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How a quality CMS can increase marketing efficiency

Author: Stuart Hobbs, Liam Springate-Jones
Date: 16/01/23

How a quality CMS can increase marketing efficiency

A quality content management system (CMS) is integral to managing, distributing, and publishing content on a company’s website. The CMS facilitates content creation, editing and other website management functions through a user-friendly interface. It’s become much more challenging for brands to acquire new customers due to the rapid expansion of digital technologies. To say it’s a crowded market would be an understatement. Having a content management system provides a solution to this problem and helps brands produce large volumes of content and communicate their brand messages more efficiently. 

So, using a quality CMS promotes a customer-led business and supports business leaders and their goals, services, and products. With the right content management system in place, you’ll have a much better chance of improving marketing efficiency and driving sales for company growth. Below, we discuss how a quality CMS can improve your business’s digital operations.

Content management efficiency 

One of the biggest advantages offered by a high-quality CMS is operational and marketing efficiency. With the implementation of a CMS, businesses can easily develop new and existing content that can be used as key marketing assets for the brand. Every business needs content that can scale and a content management system allows for easy collaboration and content scheduling.

A quality CMS provides SEO features to help you optimise your content for organic search, which is an essential aspect of any marketing strategy. With built-in SEO tools, brands can ensure their websites are always optimised, which can boost rankings. Content management systems serve as a way for brands and marketers to streamline content creation, to reach their audiences faster.   

Marketing reach 

A content management system supports the overall marketing process and allows businesses to create the content they need to engage and maintain customer relationships. The purpose of content marketing is to showcase your business, such as its personality, values and how you can help customers. This, in turn, will lead to a positive experience and increase the chances of them wanting to invest further in your brand.  

Therefore, having a quality CMS can facilitate the process of reaching and engaging customers through digital content. Serving as a single place to store content with an automated process, a CMS is a cost-effective solution for publishing your business’ content marketing assets.   

Omnichannel delivery 

Omnichannel marketing – which entails consistent messages and communications across multiple channels – has become a core part of many business strategies. By seamlessly integrating a variety of channels, a business can reach more customers and deliver content to a wider audience. Having a quality CMS that allows for omnichannel delivery can increase the time spent on your platforms, boost engagement, and increase revenues.  

The key to successful omnichannel delivery is to store your content digitally all in one place, which is precisely what a headless CMS like Contentful offers. A headless content management system is inherently omnichannel because all the content can be distributed equally across all your channels. Also, a headless CMS integrates with other marketing tools and software, which can lead to a highly collaborative system and digital marketing function.  


Behind every successful business is a team of talented individuals. That’s why having a content management system is essential for providing organisation, an interactive environment, and a smooth workflow. Working with a CMS means your team can more successfully deliver sales and marketing content at scale, in a way that’s structured and organised. The best content management systems often have scheduling tools, as well as give you the ability to collect analytics data on your content. Overall, the right CMS can enhance your marketing production and efficiency.   

What next for your digital platform? 

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