Thought Piece | Digital Transformation

What is the digital transformation model?

Author: Paul Bishop
Date: 04/10/22

What is the digital transformation model?

In the digital era, leaders must have a clear strategy in place to accelerate transformation and growth in their organisations. Digital transformation is all about how businesses can adapt and respond to new technology and create an agile culture and working environment.

However, digital leaders need to know where their businesses lie in the digital transformation journey to be able to initiate change - and there are different stages in this journey, such as unification and exploration. For change to happen, there needs to be a high level of commitment across the entire business and every team must connect and operate in tandem to deliver the strategy.

When a business has a cohesive digital transformation strategy, leaders can more easily pave the way for success and new ways of working. This includes focusing on content creation to deliver value and choosing integrated technologies to better enable data across different business units.

Having a well-defined digital transformation model is key to the long-term success of a digital-first organisation. If you’d like to find out more, read Contentful’s white paper on the digital transformation maturity model.