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What is composable commerce and how can businesses use it effectively?

Author: Liam Springate-Jones
Date: 13/06/23

What is composable commerce and how can businesses use it effectively?

Composable commerce has become a prominent trend in the world of digital. Without a doubt, composability will shape the future of e-commerce, and redefine the way businesses interact with customers. It leverages modern technologies, like MACH (Microservices, APIs, Cloud and Headless) to help companies adapt to the changing demands of customers and the market. 

A Gartner report in 2020 popularised the term “composable.” It provides businesses with more flexibility, customisation, and personalisation, helping them to serve customers in the best possible way across various channels. Composable commerce adds another level of optimisation and reduces complexity. It’s a worthwhile investment for any business. So, let’s explore composable commerce and how organisations can get the most out of it. 

What you need to know about composable commerce

Composable commerce enables multiple solutions and strategies for growth. It allows e-commerce organisations to assemble the best-of-breed commerce solutions and components. In the past, monolithic software applications were among the most prominent. These were independent, self-contained platforms, unlike the modular applications of composable, offering the ability to mix a range of different capabilities to achieve business results. Here are the key technicalities of composable:

  • Based on the idea of optimising commerce ecosystems through API-connected modules and composing them into a custom application. 

  • Offers scalability and the freedom to add functionalities, as well as faster time to market.

  • Provides faster web experiences because of the flexibility of headless APIs. This means teams have access to prebuilt pages which load much faster than a traditional monolith. 

With composable commerce, brands will have greater opportunities to satisfy their ever-changing customer needs and deliver powerful, engaging experiences that drive results. Composable commerce solutions can also pave the way for improved performance and create more personalised shopping experiences for customers. 

Redefining your e-commerce platform

Composability is transforming the future of e-commerce. It’s allowing brands to future-proof their businesses and create custom solutions based on organisational needs. With composable, businesses can leverage several different packaged applications and services to deliver an agile technology stack – which offers an ecosystem of technologies based on multiple architectural elements. Brands can take advantage of plug-and-play functionality, which can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver innovation at scale. Composable commerce platforms can ultimately have a positive effect on how brands interact with their customers digitally.

Paving the way for growth

There’s no doubt that composable commerce unlocks flexible e-commerce strategies and huge potential for brand growth. Composability helps organisations stand out from competitors and focus on building strategic value and stronger collaboration. In today’s fast-moving digital climate, teams need to work together to rapidly adapt to new challenges. Using composable commerce, brands can quickly deliver differentiating value for customers by connecting new systems and ensuring all data is synchronised. The mix of capabilities that composable commerce offers enables brands to scale and achieve differentiation with ease. 

What’s the next step for your business?

Now’s the time to grow your business with composable. We specialise in connecting brands with their customers, using creativity, innovation, and Human Understanding. We partner with the likes of Acquia to deliver composable digital experiences to produce results for our clients. Are you looking to find out more about composable commerce? Then, download Acquia’s report and get in touch with our creative team for further details on how composability can take your business to the next level.