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The impact of web3 on the customer experience

Author: Liam Springate-Jones
Date: 24/05/23

The impact of web3 on the customer experience

The world of the web has witnessed massive changes over the last decade. One of the most significant changes is the advent of personalisation – which has been proven to drive performance and better customer experiences. According to research, 87% of marketers see a positive ROI when they use personalisation in their campaigns. The goal of personalisation is to provide customers with highly relevant and tailored digital experiences that promote brand loyalty across different touch points. Web3 offers significant opportunities for brands and as technologies evolve, it’s set to have a huge impact on how businesses engage with customers digitally.

Community building

Web3 is creating new opportunities for brands to start building connections with consumers and communities. With web3, brands can build decentralised platforms that can cultivate communities around shared interests, using social tokens that incentivise user participation. Web3 technologies include VR stores, which brands can track in detail to extract data from previous purchases to create personalised virtual experiences that are tailored to the customer. There’s now the opportunity for brands to tailor their marketing based on movements within a store. Sephora, for example, is a retailer leading the way with augmented reality and machine learning, allowing personalised tutorials of products and 3D facial recognition. Web3 is paving the way for a dynamic community where users can engage more seamlessly with brands.

Customer ownership

In a web3 world, customers have complete ownership over their data, which means users will be able to choose when information can be shared by marketers and advertisers. Not only does web3 enhance privacy and security for the end-user, but it could also pave the way for much stronger relationships between brands and customers. By giving users full control of their data, businesses can facilitate customer empowerment, which improves the overall experience for the customer.

Transparency and trust

One of the main benefits of web3’s decentralised nature is that it promotes a high level of trust and transparency, actively addressing the concerns around data privacy. With web3, brands can create a transparent and secure customer experience, showing how much they value customers’ data privacy. There’s a range of web3 technologies on the horizon that will have a positive impact on customer experience, such as smart contracts – which are digital self-executing contracts built on blockchain. Smart contracts can be used to customise data access and automate agreements between the creator and the recipient, making them irreversible and immutable.

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