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Kickstart the New Year with a review of your digital platform

Author: Stuart Hobbs, Liam Springate-Jones
Date: 16/01/23

Kickstart the New Year with a review of your digital platform

When it comes to producing digital content for your brand, having a content management platform is essential for the success of any website. It serves as the means for publishing, creating and archiving content to meet the demands of your business needs. A CMS provides a simple way for multiple users to collaborate on a single piece of content and the right platform can help your business grow over time.  

The importance of a digital platform lies in its power to streamline a business’s content marketing efforts and ultimately save time – which is why maintaining your platform is critical for successful digital experiences and content delivery. This means updating your system, adding new features, and auditing your existing content. So, it’s time to kickstart 2023 with a review of your digital platform. Here’s how in four easy steps.

Perform a platform audit  

Every business’ digital platform can benefit from an audit. The goal of a website audit is to analyse and assess your software’s capabilities to determine whether the technologies are meeting your business’s needs. This involves uncovering valuable processes and features and finding the best opportunities for improvement, allowing you to take full advantage of your website’s CMS, which in turn can help your business grow.  

Platform audits can also include assessing your website’s existing content to identify new topics and to help create an inventory of the most high-performing pieces. Ultimately, a digital platform audit can enable businesses to understand the current state of their digital assets and their contribution to the growth of the brand.


 Content management systems – whether headless or composable – normally release updates to their core versions from time to time. With every update comes new features, faster page load speeds and bug fixes. Splendid’s gold-tier partner Contentful, for example, unveiled its new vision and capabilities at its annual Fast Forward event.  

In today’s digital world, there are constantly changing web technologies, so brands need to make sure they can stay ahead of the competition by upgrading their platform – which will pave the way for new features and functionality. These features can improve overall workflow and allow you to deliver better quality digital experiences to meet the demands of customers. 

Focus on personalisation 

Personalisation is now more important than ever, as customers have access to a broad range of content from different channels. Brands of all sizes are now competing for consumer attention, making for a crowded landscape. For brands, serving ad content that can hold attention leads to greater brand recognition and engagement – and these messages need to be meaningful, creative and authentic.  

The best content management systems enable you to create personalised experiences for your customers based on their past behaviour and interests. Personalisation helps boost customer satisfaction and creates a more engaging experience. The right type of CMS can deliver dynamic and personalised browsing experiences. Therefore, brands should be doing all they can to facilitate a greater degree of personalisation, including analysing how well their web pages cater to audiences and implementing behaviour tracking. 

User experience 

Reviewing your digital platform also contributes to content governance, which is the overarching management of content across an organisation. With regular updates to your digital platform, you can pave the way for enhanced security and improved front-end design, which can lead to a better user experience.  

Evaluating your website’s user experience through metrics like dwell time, page views and load speed, allows you to identify areas of improvement and understand the experience of the end users. By figuring out how well your digital platform is performing, you can make more informed decisions to help your business grow. 

It’s time to elevate your brand 

At Splendid UNLIMITED, our team are experienced design and content leaders, with expertise in digital transformation and strategy. We also partner with several different tech partners, such as Contentful, AB Tasty and Acquia. This allows us to leverage the power of our partners to deliver the best value to our clients and their brand identities.

Over the years, we have delivered quality digital and content experiences to our clients, such as our work for Broadwick Hotel and, both of which saw us launch new web platforms to drive brand growth. To find out further about our services, contact our team for more information. We’d be happy to help you!