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Agile CMS: Paving the way for faster content delivery

Author: Stuart Hobbs
Date: 06/01/23

Agile CMS: Paving the way for faster content delivery

A content management system or agile CMS is designed to help developers and content creators easily build digital experiences, and complete tasks through creative collaboration tools. An agile CMS can be used by multiple teams across an organisation and serve as a main hub for all a business’ content repositories.

With agile processes, a business can deliver its content production at a faster rate across multiple channels, which can save costs and provide easy planning and collaboration. One of the key benefits of having an agile CMS is that it facilitates omnichannel content delivery. It connects people, processes, and tools to deliver content at a scale that drives growth. In short, it’s a more advanced version of the headless CMS, so is hugely valuable to businesses.

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