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How to get metaverse ready and take your first virtual step

Author: Liam Springate-Jones
Date: 10/03/23

How to get metaverse ready and take your first virtual step

The metaverse and the associated web3 technologies are paving the way for a new level of connectivity and engagement. As the internet evolves, virtual reality, blockchain and mixed reality are set to take centre stage. There’s huge potential for these innovations to help brands grow revenue, increase brand awareness, and attract new customers.  

While many have their doubts about what the metaverse offers, we’ve argued already why it’s more than simply hype. Businesses in all industries should expect substantial developments in the metaverse and digital technology. To keep pace with the competition, now’s the time to get ready for the metaverse. 

Define your metaverse experience 

Before you start thinking about building the metaverse world, it’s important to understand and clarify your key branding objectives and how they can be solved by virtual reality. Businesses should consider how much of their audience will spend time in the metaverse, and what purpose a virtual world would serve. This also includes planning how your business will build a supporting and engaging community, where people can interact positively with each other. Therefore, before investing in the metaverse, brands should be refining their goals for maximum results.  

Consider the customer experience 

When it comes to building quality metaverse worlds, organisations need to consider the customer journey and how virtual reality can be used to enhance the customer experience. Personalisation plays a key role in today’s marketing and thankfully, the metaverse offers brands the opportunity to create distinctive online experiences. To get your business metaverse ready, start mapping the customer journey and how customers could potentially interact with your products in the metaverse.  

At Splendid, we understand the different stages of the customer journey across touchpoints and can help shape your digital experiences. We’ve work worked with brands like BT Business to create new digital products to support customers, as well as SSE, where we undertook a digital transformation programme.  

The customer experience is of the utmost importance and having a greater knowledge of your customers’ behaviour will help you to create the most relevant and engaging digital assets, tailored to the customer’s needs. While creating a compelling 3D experience is important, having a quality user experience that keeps people in the metaverse requires forward planning and expertise to ensure that it is intuitive and seamless. 

Identify the target audience 

As a brand, one of the most crucial steps before entering the metaverse is to identify the right audience. As is the case with regular marketing, it’s important that brands avoid trying to target everyone, but instead focus on a desired audience and demographic. The Splendid team has a profound understanding of the metaverse and its users, as well as how to build relationships within virtual reality. The metaverse brings new opportunities for brands to create meaningful engagement with customers. Therefore, businesses should consider how they plan to connect with their target audience in a memorable way that drives growth and loyalty.  

Prepare for metaverse capabilities  

As with any new venture, businesses should evaluate the skills and capabilities that they will need to enter the metaverse successfully. This means they will need to determine the skills and tools that already exist internally and consider what they need to learn. This could include data skill training, blockchain technology and learning how to manage digital storefronts. As a business evolves its digital offering and extends its digital customer experience, the teams within the organisation need to be well-equipped to handle the changes. Additionally, brands should consider how their existing marketing will fit into a coherent metaverse branding strategy to capture the highest value.

Are you ready to take your first virtual step? 

At Splendid UNLIMITED, we believe in the power of quality digital experiences for driving engagement, conversions, and sales. We specialise in creating unique experiences for our clients to elevate their brand identity. With the metaverse, brands can advertise their products and services in an immersive way, and our team of digital designers are here to create the best virtual environments. If you’re looking to build brilliant experiences for your brand, register your interest for our metaverse workshop.