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Why composable architecture can improve the digital experience

Author: Stuart Hobbs
Date: 18/11/22

Why composable architecture can improve the digital experience

Composable architecture is a process of breaking down complex business systems into smaller, more manageable functionalities to ensure a seamless user experience. The rise of digital channels means and the ever-evolving expectations from customers means that brands need to focus on flexibility and making sure systems are as agile as possible.

Brands need to continually assess and evaluate the performance of their digital architecture and identify new strategies to meet business objectives. There are five main pillars that can be used to assess your architecture’s performance. This includes speed, flexibility, extensibility, scalability, and reliability – all of which can be measured against KPIs. A brand’s tech stack should enable customers to easily work on any project.

With the digital industry growing at a rapid rate, now’s the time to assess your composable architecture. To find out more, read Contentful’s white paper here.