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What are the benefits of composable A/B testing?

Author: Liam Springate-Jones
Date: 02/05/23

What are the benefits of composable A/B testing?

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a methodology for comparing two versions of content to see which one performs the best and appeals more to the end user. It enables businesses to gather insights to aid in content optimisation by testing original designs against an alternative vision, which allows organisations to make changes to ensure their assets provide the best experience for customers.

The major benefit of A/B testing is that it enables businesses to effectively increase conversion rates. Taking the time to carefully craft two versions of a campaign allows businesses to identify what works and what doesn’t. A/B testing is also multi-functional, and businesses can test any advertising or marketing campaign, reducing any risks or complexities with the project, all of which can lead to increased sales.

With A/B testing, businesses can improve the user experience, make data-driving decisions, and use insights to deliver a stream of new ideations. Ultimately, A/B testing delivers data based on customer actions and preferences, which helps reduce time and creates ease of analysis. A/B tests facilitate personalised content experiences for each individual visitor, ensuring that they only see the most relevant information. A/B testing has a range of benefits, and you can find out more by reading Contentful’s article for further detail.