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Understanding customer behaviour - CX and human psychology

Author: Unlimited Group
Date: 29/09/22

Understanding customer behaviour - CX and human psychology

Our webinar, comprising of Andy Myers (Director at Walnut UNLIMITED), Benedict Ireland (Head of Experience at Splendid UNLIMITED), and John Hughes (Senior Marketing Manager at AB Tasty), discussed the psychology behind customer behaviour, how neuroscience and data influences purchasing decisions, and the importance of A/B testing. Our guest speakers are Human Understanding Lab experts with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge.  

The interactive nature of the webinar allowed us to get to the core of human emotion and motivation with the audience’s take on how and why we make decisions. This enabled us to explain in more detail how the brain processes information and what exactly holds our attention.Here’s a taste of what we discussed. 

Key Takeaways:   

  1. We need to make things easy: The brain is designed to feel, not think, so it’s important that we create messages for customers that are easy to understand.     

  2. The fundamentals of catching attention: The human visual system is highly sensitive to contrast, as well as movement, both of which drive attention.     

  3. The power of novelty: Our brain receives an emotional payoff from novelty, which makes things stand out.     

  4. The science of visual flow: Communicating visually with customers is a powerful way to capture attention.        

  5. The science of authenticity: It’s important to create authentic images because the brain can detect the fake! 

In this highly competitive market, it’s critical for businesses to understand how customers behave in order to tailor their online strategies accordingly. Studying how people think and what type of information gets the best response, can help brands better market their products and services at every stage of the consumer journey. Watch the whole discussion by signing up here

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