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Total Experience: The increasing reach of Experience Design

Author: Benedict Ireland
Date: 25/02/22

Total Experience: The increasing reach of Experience Design

Digital Transformation is a pretty scary term for many businesses. It smacks of enormous effort, upheaval of entire teams, business units and ways for working, and comes with an associated scale of risk. Increasingly, big-bang programmes are fading fast, while more nimble, outcome-focused projects are offering increased speed to delivery, reduced risk and faster impact.

Breaking the experience areas down by audience – End users, Employees, Business users, Customers, etc, provides a more manageable path of projects that can be delivered discretely, while showing measurable impact. 

This all-encompassing view of alignment between all user types has been coined ‘Total Experience’ (TX). We had the pleasure of talking to Alexander Tuck, Editor in Chief for Technology Magazine on the subject. 

Thanks to Alex for UNLIMITED‘s inclusion alongside some great perspectives on the subject from a variety of industry experts. Read the full article here on the link below, on page 102: