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The power of e-commerce replatforming

Author: Liam Springate-Jones
Date: 07/03/23

The power of e-commerce replatforming

As technology continues to rapidly advance, ecommerce retailers need to make sure they keep the pace to help their business grow. That’s why ecommerce re-platforming is essential for performance and efficiency. Replatforming refers to the process of changing your ecommerce platform to create a more engaging and comprehensive shopping experience.

There’s a range of benefits when it comes to migrating to a new platform. This includes scalability, increased functionality and maintaining a consistent experience across channels. Customers expect a seamless and sophisticated online shopping experience, so for any business that’s struggling to scale, using a platform like Contentful can positively transform your website and increase its agility in the market. Replatforming allows you to build better content experiences for your customers, which in turn, can grow revenue.

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