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Taxly's AI bot helps customers submit their tax returns in less than 10 minutes

Ongoing | 2020

Taxly's AI bot helps customers submit their tax returns in less than 10 minutes


Swiss tax returns are notoriously complicated, lengthy and expensive to complete. Each of the 26 Swiss cantons has its own tax regime, rules and form. Taxly enables users in Switzerland to submit tax returns in all of the 26 cantons for a fraction of the price and time. Their web app is supported by EY and KPMG, and after the initial launch in February 2020, it will be rolled out across Europe – Austria will be next. Splendid began working with Taxly in August 2019 to assist them with scaling-up a design and development team for a tax filing application aimed at Swiss Generation Z and Millennial users.

“We have re-engineered every part of the customer experience and consolidated it across the 26 cantons. The result: A purpose built, customer focused, technology first, legacy free tax system”

Daniel Kershaw, Founder & CEO , Taxly


Registrations on launch


Reduction in cost to complete a tax return


Live across 26 cantons for MVP

Brand Expression

Brand Expression

When Taxly first approached us, they had nothing but a name, an idea and a determination to disrupt the industry in the same way Lemonade had for insurance, and Monzo had for banking. When we began creating the experience, we quickly realised that no matter how much we simplified the process, there is little way to get around the fact that – simply put – there is nothing fun about tax. What we identified was that characterisation would not only meet the ambitions of Taxly's investors but that we had an opportunity to create a voice that could join the customer on their journey, a voice that also recognised that tax sucks. After quite a bit (lots) of exploration, one of our team came out with a quote from Orson Wells referencing, a) the Swiss and b) a cuckoo clock. Working with a scriptwriter we began to flesh out Roger ‘The Tax Boss’ – a sardonic, almost sarcastic, Hank Moody type cuckoo that would guide you through your tax submission.

taxly app

Tax Return WebApp

A digital assistant asking simple, personalised questions, in just 5 minutes taxly’s AI TaxBot will digitally file and optimize an individual’s taxes 10x faster than any human tax advisor or traditional tax filing software.

Submitting directly with taxly costs just CHF 49 for complex cases, that’s 15x cheaper than the average real life tax advisor:

  • Create a web application initially for Millennials and Generation Z users, designed to save them time and money.

  • Include an A.I. computation engine across all 26 cantons to find all possible deductions, within milliseconds

  • Ensure that the web app has direct XML integrations with cantons for digital and paper free filing

taxly web

Taxly website platform

Build a backend that allows its internal tax experts to edit and write their own logic without the need for programmers; which lets taxly adapt its systems to other countries faster

  • Smart data: offer personalised insights based on the tax implications of selected life events

  • B2B and B2C capabilities: B2C platform will act as the acquisition method for customers whilst B2B platform will enable partnering with 3rd parties, generating a wealth of opportunity and growth for the business