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Cera are reshaping the way care is delivered in the UK by solvingthe care challenges and provide people with modern care they rightly deserve.

Client: Cera

Date: 2019
Awards: Webby Best Apps, Mobile, and Voice: Health, Fitness & Lifestyle

The Webby Awards

Cera are a digital healthcare company that use technology to match elderly patients with carers to provide them with social care at home. Aiming to create a digital doorway to the over 65s and curate services with partners to help them live more independently.

Splendid are working closely with teams at Cera to deliver their innovative healthcare app.

Launched at the end of November, 2019 the app works for families of patients and for carers by enabling immediate communication, monitoring and reporting on status, care practices, and patient needs.


“It gives us an enormous sense of satisfaction to do something which is genuinely helping people”

Benedict Ireland, Head of Experience

Carer’s schedules, shift swaps and patient records are all handled through the carer app. The app even gives carers estimated times to destinations as well as allowing them to check-in to inform family members that the carer is on-site.

  • Reporting time decreased from 20 days to 6.7 hours
  • 95% uptake from carers 48 hours after launch
  • eNPS score has risen from -18 to 25 post-launch

As well as accurate, timely and informative care including visit reports, families can request that specific needs of the patient are met by the carer. Requests go direct to the carer in real time.

  • 85% of carers say they can provide safer services
  • 100% of carers say it takes less time accessing properties
  • Immediate notification of check in prior to reporting