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Star Alliance Treating every customer superbly wherever they are

Star Alliance have 600 million card carrying travellers across 28 leading global airlines and wanted a closer relationship with each one, while not treading on the toes of the member airlines who own the relationship with the traveller.

Star Alliance was the first airline alliance and launched in 1997 and they are also ranked as the largest with 28 leading carriers including Lufthansa, Air China and United Airlines and carries 637.6 million travellers a year.

We have worked with Star Alliance since 2013 on all aspects of their digital experience including digital campaign activity working with their advertising agency Atomic. It became apparent that the existing digital platforms were not performing as well as they needed to for a premium brand such as Star Alliance, critical for their high value customer base of “people who turn left” on planes.

Strategic expansion

Star Alliance has been moving to a more prominent part of a traveller’s experience with projects such as the T2 Terminal at Heathrow, where all alliance carriers are based in a single terminal with Star Alliance branding. Splendid worked on the digital amplification of this campaign over 2015 as new carriers were added.

Our central goal was to recognise people and provide a personalised experience for travellers, but also stay within the parameters of the alliance and not infringe on the relationship travellers have with the member airlines”

Paul Bishop, Managing Partner

New website

Starting with the basics where we undertook a programme of work to define the business requirements, we facilitated a series of workshops at Star Alliances headquarters in Frankfurt with all key stakeholders of the project. The take outs from this were a digital experience that reflected the premium brand status, a solution that works on multiple digital platforms and also gave more control to internal teams to manage and publish content.

Another central theme was to develop an MVP (minimum viable product), to deliver a core feature set and then optimise and enhance based on customer interactions, user feedback and business need.

The solution was to use a combination of geo-location, browsing history and simple questions to determine where people are and what they are doing. This is then used to show content relevant to the traveller’s situation, providing a personalised experience. In order for this to work for the traveller on the move, the site was designed responsively catering for mobile phone, tablet and desktop users.

The team are now working on future plans, rolling out improvements based on business needs such as multi-language, regional sites using content targeting, campaign launches and enhanced personalisation.

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Paul Bishop

Paul Bishop

Managing Partner


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Edward Hasting-Evans

Head of UI Development


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