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May 29th 2018

This week, we’re super proud to announce the launch of an innovative collaboration that’s kept us very busy in recent months. We were tasked with launching a consistent, personalised and immersive digital experience across the university's online content. We had to demonstrate to current and prospective alumini, partners and research collaborators what makes Royal Holloway stand out from other higher education institutions.

And now, with their digital transformation going live this week, we’ve achieved all that and helped bring to life what it feels like to be a part of the Royal Holloway community.

As always, we stuck to our user-centred design process, matched with extensive user testing, and developed a pattern-based design system that could deliver the flexibility needed to support all the key audiences.

To make sure the site’s content was both appropriate and remained fresh, Splendid first worked as a coupled unit with the Royal Holloway content team, as well as with an external agency, to audit 15,000 pages of existing content, and then to align with the new content experience strategy. This analysis formed a brief for content that needed to be rewritten or created from scratch. All this was made possible through flexible co-location, where the Royal Holloway client team came to work in the Splendid office for several days a week throughout the project. And by being flexible, we truly delivered on our client’s stated project intent of being ‘one team’.

See the full case study here

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