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Yoti is your digital identity

Splendid Unlimited creates brand identity and user experience for Yoti, a revolutionary digital ID platform

November 9th 2017

Yoti - your digital idemtity

Yoti, a new digital identity platform, launches today – helped by advice from Splendid Unlimited.

Yoti is a London-based technology company founded in 2014 by Robin Tombs, Duncan Francis and Noel Hayden with a mission to become the world’s trusted identity platform. The Yoti app gives people a simple, safer way of proving their identity online and in person. It also lets people log into websites without having to remember passwords.

Splendid Unlimited worked with the founders and their core team to develop the branding, initial user experience and visual language of the mobile application along with collaborative user testing.

Some 150,000 people from around the world (predominantly the UK) have downloaded Yoti during its beta phase and with new businesses coming on board every day, Yoti is targeting over a million users within the next six months, expanding into India, the US and Europe.

Splendid Unlimited's relationship with the founders goes back 20 years on a wide variety of digital projects. Following the launch, the consultancy will work to exploit synergies between other client offerings and the benefits offered by Yoti.


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